Snail Trails (Handmade in Asia)

Would you like to receive treasures from the road? 

# Snailtrails is now full, but if you like the idea let us know, maybe one day we will find the way to expand the project. At the moment, 10 parcels are heavy enough for our roving backpacks, sorry! #

The road has taught us that hoarding stuff in a travel bag is not the smartest thing a traveller can do. But  the silk road is all famous for its treasures and we expect to meet artisans, artists, magicians and everyday people with skills that will amaze our eyes. We know that appreciating local work is important and that there are friends at home that can get inspired by their creations. So we want to make a link, a growing link, as we walk, in the shape of a Snail Trail.

Happy travels!

Snails that tell stories of faraway places


To show local creations from the road to the East. To support local artisans and artists. To keep on travelling light. And to share what we find. This is the plan:
Collecting roving treasures

Collecting roving treasures

Once every 2 months we prepare a few little parcels with treasures from the way. They will be filled with local crafts, and tell the story and details of their makers.
We will send one parcel to each person registered below (up to 10 people)
If you like what you receive, if you think its nice or useful (for you, for the producers, for anyone around) you can make a small donation into our paypal account. You are free to contribute as you see fit.
With any donations received we will continue to buy treasures for the next parcel, and post them to any place you write us from, bringing to life the chain of Snail Trails along the way.
* NOTE 1: This is an informal travelling project, all parcels will vary in content, size, value as we go.
We do not expect to gain any profit from this, but simply to make a link between the places we visit, the people we meet and friends, family and travellers that want to follow our way with their imagination.
** NOTE 2: If at any point you want to stop receiving snail trails, just let us know by email.
# Snailtrails is now full, but if you like the idea let us know. After we send the first parcels we may increase the capacity of this little roving project #
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