Roving projects

#1 Travellers Workshops

Creative activities with young explorers.


explore the world


#2 Snail Trails (Handmade in Asia)

A travel through the creative hands of artisans. A collection of crafts and their stories. A trail of handmade treasures.

Felt making 1 copy

Donkeys of lve 4 copy

Volunteering to travel

We have a long volunteering history in different European countries but, to keep it short, these are jut some of the activities we have participated in during this year of travelling. We are ready for anything so let us know if you coul do with four extra hands.

  • Running crafts workhop and helping all around for ACCT Tbilisi (Georgia)
  • Participating in the documentary series Travellers (Iran)
  • Painting walls for a new circus school with the organisation Her Yerde Sanat in Mardin (Turkey)
  • Office support for an Eco Tourism agency in Luang Namtha (Laos)
  • Collecting hay with a farmer in Xinghai (China), inventing an ovenless pizza recipe for a local restaurant in Yushu (China), feeding baby camels in Zhalanash (Kazakhstan), caring for kids, drawing paper marionettes, painting faces, remembering our waiter’s skills in Cappadocia or washing dishes…

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We would like to know: Do you have an organisation that needs volunteers for agood cause? Do you know a group of young people that would like to practise foreign languages? Can we help you out with any home repairs? All we would like in return is a roof to sleep under, simple food and a (warm?) shower.

If you would like to meet us or have anything to ask, please let us know, best by e-mail: