Travel tales, roadside encounters, passing thoughts and itinerant ideas, mixed with teatime conversations, a spoon of everyday beauty and, here and there, a pinch of politics if Boris is аround. We travel, observe, write and take photographs.

We work mainly with Bulgarian newspapers and magazines but are happy to write in English, Spanish or Bulgarian. If you are interested in including a quality “roving article” in your publication, please let us know by email:

 May 2015. Abkhazia, a Staircase to Nowhere (Абхазия, стълбище към нищото). Published by the newspaper Trud (Bulgaria)

 May 2015. To Trust a Stranger (Да се довериш на странник) Published by Alternativa (Bulgaria)

 May 2015. Kazakhstan, the embrace of the void (В обятията на пустотата) Published by magazine Yoga for All (Bulgaria)

 February 2015. Quiet days in Iraqi Kurdistan (В Кюрдистан утрините са тихи). Published by the newspaper Trud (Bulgaria)

November 2014. The Joy of Travelling Slow (Радостта от това да пътуваш бавно). Published by the magazine Alternativa (Bulgaria)

November 2014. Living Slow. Cover photo for the magazine Alternativa (Bulgaria)

∗ August 2014. Turkey at length. (Из Турция надлъж и шир). Published by the newspaper Trud (Bulgaria)

August 2014.  From Sofia to Erzurum in the arms of the fading sun. (От София до Ерзурум в обятията на гаснещото слънце). Published by the magazine Yoga for All (Bulgaria)


To Trust a Stranger.

Article and Photos. To Trust a Stranger. Alternativa (May 2015)

Irai Kurdistan. Article and photos in Trud. (February 2015)

Article and Photos. Quiet days in Iraqi Kurdistan. Trud. (February 2015)

rs-turkey@yoga39-1 copy photo cover page

From Sofia to Erzurum…Page 1 of 7.  Yoga for All. August 2014 (Bulgaria)

Rs_Press_Alt photo

The joy of travelling slow. Page 1 of 7. Alternativa. November 2014. Bulgaria

Alternativa Nov 2014 Cover

Alternativa. Cover November 2014. Bulgaria

Article_Roving Snails_Yoga for All

Kazakhstan. The embrace of the void.  Yoga for All. May 2015 (Bulgaria)

Turkey at length. Trud (online version). September 2014.

Turkey at length. Trud. September 2014 (Bulgaria)