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VeoVeo: When the Year Ends

It’s common sense – says Marta – the year ends in autumn and starts again in March. And in between? In between is hibernation, or change, or centrifugal force carrying one through the… Continue reading

A surreal exit (Erzurum – Batumi – Tbilisi)

The curtain raises.  The transparent moon that impatiently plunges in the sky long before sunset grins in the background over saw-toothed mountains, while we energetically thumb up in the icebound outskirts of Erzurum.… Continue reading

Erzurum sub-zero

Erzurum is a fantastic name, isn’t it? Call it Karin or Arzan ar-Rum and the city does not lose any of its solid feeling.  But that’s not the point of our wonderings; the question… Continue reading

Crafts always have a story to tell (Turkey)

The first parcels are ready to go. Like a legion of little messengers they travel now by land and air to take a sample of crafts from Turkey to ten different destinations. It’s… Continue reading

Ankara in the shadows

There are places one wants to visit and others one is obliged to pass by on his way to somewhere else. Places that take the reluctant traveller out of his itinerary, forcing him… Continue reading

Cappadocia under the snow

The blue porcelain lid over our heads silently cracks and pours down flakes of cold cotton from its grey sleeve. The stony giants of Cappadocia obediently slip into their snowy garments while patches… Continue reading

1500 Km of night travels

Akif lives in Antalya, in a house where days are night and viceversa, where up is down and down is somewhere else in another direction, because left is right and a black scruffy cat… Continue reading

A week in Istanbul

The small cabin of the truck barely accommodates its crew of 3 drivers (two friends and an 11-year-old) when they take us on board. We look at the rests of trekking dirt on our… Continue reading


    Marta and Boris are industrious and tireless walkers and hitchhikers. They travel the roads of Asia (from Bulgaria to India) on a budget of 3 Euros per day. They collect crafts, photos and stories, and share them with you who like to travel too.

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    Roving Snails

    This is mainly about our Mission Asia - a travel from Bulgaria to the East with no deadline but the aim of reaching India overland, no matter the labyrinth of borders we need to draw. On the way we will be blogging thoughs, routes and encounters.

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