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The way East – first stiff steps (Bulgaria)

Sometimes a dream might get stuck in the orbit of reality and start spinning around it. A moon that lights up the clouds of routine and disperses them at night, shining through conversations… Continue reading

Bilka, the herald of the forest

Elusive and secretive, light as autumn haze and quick as a mountain creek, wild beasts shuttle through the barren landscapes beyond the limits of man’s formicaries. Invoked by fairy-tales and cave drawings, dancing… Continue reading

City dwellers (in Sofia)

Even winter brings good days for a walk (or a ride) in South Park.

The limits of Sofia – Beyond Lyulyn (Bulgaria)

Almost unnoticeably the summer stepped back and made way for the reign of a colourful autumn, warm in temperatures and in human hearts. Anchored for some time in the suburbs of Sofia, well… Continue reading

The limits of Sofia – autumn foraging

Sometimes the glowing lights of the city overwhelm and blind the senses and we forget about the all-encompassing existence of the reality beyond neon and asphalt. Mild and distant the pale sun of… Continue reading

We used to walk on the clouds…

..and one day, not knowing how or why, we fell into one. It was misty white and smelled of moist. We were in the Kingdom of Rain and lived there ever since, nesting,… Continue reading

Travels to the end of the world (Sofia – Nordkapp)

There is a place where time flies so slow that the year is in fact just one day and night, and this place is not in a parallel universe, but here on the… Continue reading

The first travel

The first travel of these little creatures was to Plovdiv. Many were to follow. The roads took them to the mountains, small towns, forests and surprising landscapes hidden behind petrol stations. Many times… Continue reading


    Marta and Boris are industrious and tireless walkers and hitchhikers. They travel the roads of Asia (from Bulgaria to India) on a budget of 3 Euros per day. They collect crafts, photos and stories, and share them with you who like to travel too.

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    Roving Snails

    This is mainly about our Mission Asia - a travel from Bulgaria to the East with no deadline but the aim of reaching India overland, no matter the labyrinth of borders we need to draw. On the way we will be blogging thoughs, routes and encounters.

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