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Isfahan Blue (2). Minakari through the alleys

Blue is the colour of Isfahan, as if heaven had come down to earth in a million fragments, taking over mosques, mausoleums, bazaars. Shades of azure cover the city in miniature designs. Along… Continue reading

Isfahan Blue (1). A Treasure hunt for Ghalamkar

Isfahan feels like a corner of home in between a labyrinth of strange places. It might be its airs of great city, the pride with which it stands like a noble lady with… Continue reading

The woolen homes of the Kyrgyz

Wool within wool. What is it? Like round fluffy white mushrooms, the temporary dwellings of the highland Kyrgyz dot the the mountain meadows. The yurts – their surreal portable homes sprout magically all… Continue reading

The donkeys of love (handmade in Kyrgyzstan)

It’s almost sunset by the time we reach the tiny village of Shor-Bulak, by the shores of Issyk Kul. We have been walking under the sun and sweating for hours. A travellers stench… Continue reading

Behind the scenes of kilim weaving (Iran)

We often say that our travels are crafted by a crew of unnamed and undetectable movie-makers. At times a happy one, at times mischevious, always surprising and never boring. Their presence is felt… Continue reading

Tehran’s young designers at Jomeh Bazaar (Iran)

There are cities we walk for days in search for their soul and others we don’t. Tehran belongs to the latter. We came here to rest, to collect visas, to heal from the Iranian… Continue reading

The secrets of Vakil Bazaar – Shiraz (Iran)

Above the market stalls, where the pigeons nest and the sun sets with some delay, Rahim inhabits a tiny workshop piled up with fabrics from somewhere else. He is silent and patient and… Continue reading

Crafts in the Caucasus – From street stalls to artisans’ homes

We have spent nearly two months roving around the Caucasus, mostly visiting people and places that do not feature in the guidebooks, inventing imaginary lands and running different workshops, but also doing a bit of winter… Continue reading

Crafts always have a story to tell (Turkey)

The first parcels are ready to go. Like a legion of little messengers they travel now by land and air to take a sample of crafts from Turkey to ten different destinations. It’s… Continue reading

Snail Trails (Handmade in Asia)

Would you like to receive treasures from the road?  # Snailtrails is now full, but if you like the idea let us know, maybe one day we will find the way to expand… Continue reading


    Marta and Boris are industrious and tireless walkers and hitchhikers. They travel the roads of Asia (from Bulgaria to India) on a budget of 3 Euros per day. They collect crafts, photos and stories, and share them with you who like to travel too.

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    Roving Snails

    This is mainly about our Mission Asia - a travel from Bulgaria to the East with no deadline but the aim of reaching India overland, no matter the labyrinth of borders we need to draw. On the way we will be blogging thoughs, routes and encounters.

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