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7 ingredients for a happy workshop (In Issyk Kul)

Workshops always promise to be fun, but are not always so. You may spend hours and days painstaikingly drafting the perfect program for your audience, taking into consideration everything that can go right… Continue reading

Imaginary travels in Zugdidi (Georgia)

We got to Zugdidi thanks to some dose of curiosity, the interest of Droni Youth Association, and the kind drivers that carried us hitchhiking from Tbilisi.

Travellers workshops (introduction)

This is a travelling project, a series of workshops for anybody interested in exploring our knowledge, our surroundings, our imagination. For young people, kids and any other natural explorers. WHY? Because we are… Continue reading


    Marta and Boris are industrious and tireless walkers and hitchhikers. They travel the roads of Asia (from Bulgaria to India) on a budget of 3 Euros per day. They collect crafts, photos and stories, and share them with you who like to travel too.

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    Roving Snails

    This is mainly about our Mission Asia - a travel from Bulgaria to the East with no deadline but the aim of reaching India overland, no matter the labyrinth of borders we need to draw. On the way we will be blogging thoughs, routes and encounters.

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