Mission Asia

Since October 2013 we are hitchhiking Asia in search for an overland way to India, through a mosaic of countries and landscapes that appear as destinations of their own. The  idea grew into a travel from Boris dreams of nature, landscapes, mountains, and Marta’s love for difference, colors and crafts. The moment we met we knew that walking east was our direction.


The first aim of this mission is to reach India overland following whatever labyrinth of borders we come across. The second aim will be a log way home through wherever we decide to continue.


Hitchhiking is our main means of transport but anything can happen. Times does not matter (beyond visa restrictions), and we don’t worry about where we will sleep. But to make things a bit more interesting we have set ourselves a budget of 3 Euros per roving day. We have previously travelled through Scandinavia on 10, Europe and Morocco on 5, Bulgaria on 4…and have learnt that shoestring travels bring  unexpected adventures. But we also want to claim and experience by ourselves that travelling is possible for anybody who wishes to see the world– no matter how little their income is.

If you want to read more about how we prepared for this travel…here it goes! (it isn’t really practical, but it may give you an idea of what our travels look like)

And if you are curious about whether we are making it with the 3 euros set or how much is enough for a simple travel, here comes our simple travels recipe. 1 year of experience guarantees it’s possible to make it if one is ready to give up on comfort and such stuff.

Roving Snails. Hitchhiking Asia. A truck across Gobi (China)

Roving Snails. Hitchhiking Asia. A truck across Gobi (China)


We are on the road since October 2013. This are the places the road too us to sometimes chosen, sometimes found.

Bulgaria (walking out of home, walking mountains, waving goodbye)

Turkey (West and Anatolia)

Caucasus – The winter in Georgia, Abkhazia, Armenia, Georgia

Back to Turkey (east)

Iraq (Iraqi Kurdistan)


Turkmenistan (on a 5 days transit visa)

Kazakhstan across the steppe, west to east.

Kyrgyzstan (Oh! Kyrgyzstan…)

China (Xinjiang, Qinghai, Sichuan, Yunnan)

Now: resting for a few weeks, or a couple of months in South East Asia (Laos, Thailand…)

Next: Myanmar –> India (We hope!)


On the way we are nerver bored. Whenever we meet artisans, we learn and write abour crafts. When meet a cool group of young people or find a school, we run Travellers Workshops. And since a few weeks ago we paint and draw in our free time, and earn some cash for the way with donations in exchange of handmade postcards.


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We asked our friends and ourselves to imagine Asia. What's inside the map?

We asked our friends and ourselves to imagine Asia. What’s inside the map?