# The Art of Thumb – hitchhiking signs competition

Hitchhiking signs are not our strongest point. Spare a few unrelated occasions, we prefer to stand around with thumbs up and go where the traffic takes us (most of the times if that… Continue reading

Travels with 3 Euros a day?

In October 2013 we left home with a little cash and a long road ahead . Our aim was (and still is) to reach India over land or sea. As conscious hitchhikers and travelling… Continue reading

Yushu, the place we would always leave tomorrow

They say that Spanish always postpone action till tomorrow. “Mañana, mañana” (…) and we know well that tomorrow is a cunning concept in the wheel of time, that is always about to come but is never here yet.

Hitchhiking in the Middle East of China (Kashgar – Xinjiang)

The step between Kyrgyzstan and China is big. Huge. Two passport stamps and we are brought back nearer the Middle East than towards the far East we imagined China was. Minarets, veils, beards…

The giants of Skazka Canyon (Kyrgyzstan)

Once upon a time, just like now, Issyk Kul was a piece of heaven on Earth. In spring the wind would carry the song of a citar and an invisible brush would freely paint strokes of green and blossom white

The woolen homes of the Kyrgyz

Wool within wool. What is it? Like round fluffy white mushrooms, the temporary dwellings of the highland Kyrgyz dot the the mountain meadows. The yurts – their surreal portable homes sprout magically all… Continue reading

The donkeys of love (handmade in Kyrgyzstan)

It’s almost sunset by the time we reach the tiny village of Shor-Bulak, by the shores of Issyk Kul. We have been walking under the sun and sweating for hours. A travellers stench… Continue reading

7 ingredients for a happy workshop (In Issyk Kul)

Workshops always promise to be fun, but are not always so. You may spend hours and days painstaikingly drafting the perfect program for your audience, taking into consideration everything that can go right… Continue reading

Back to walking (Kazakhstan – Kyrgyzstan)

Charyn canyon cuts a miniature 80 km scar on the flat surface of the great Central Asian steppe. Definitely a beautiful piece of Kazakh scenery that would adorn our travel album on the way to… Continue reading

9 months and we are born into the travel

Visible crow’s-feet stick out from a reflection in the mirror. And I count one silver thread for each car we drive on. Above thirty the passing of time makes itself present in one’s… Continue reading

Teatime stories – A train across the steppe

Rosa’s daydreams fly out of the window as she travels contemplating the colours of the steppe. The semi-desert thirsty shrubs give place to green pastures, to creeks and tiny lakes with a crown… Continue reading

Of humans, animals and god (Kazakhstan)

It’s only a day since we left the Aral sea behind – a small, blue, shrinking dot on the Earth’s surface that has loomed disproportionately huge in our minds and the dream of… Continue reading

More than dust and sand (Turkmenistan – part 2)

Through its deserts I roamed and its mountains I took for my protection And the breeze that blew from the valleys I took for Allah’s blessings Its deserts, rivers, and mountains, I took… Continue reading

Bathing in a mirage – in search for the Aral Sea (Kazakhstan)

The Aral sea bed lies naked ahead. Its shells jingle like a million bells, freezing in the winter winds and boiling in the summer heat. We stand on the deck of a rusty… Continue reading

Stories of war and peace (Last days in Iraq)

The road curves up and down, sliding through the gigantic still waves of a never-ending sea of mountains, only occasionally interrupted by lonely checkpoints. Spread all the way from Zakho to Basrah these… Continue reading

Mangistau – to Kazakhstan through the back door

Painfully slow the truck stumbles through the dust. This is our baptism in Kazakh roads. “50 km take approximately 6 hours” – announces Ali, our driver, resignedly looking at the bumps ahead. Hours… Continue reading

Beautiful Kurdistan! (Iraq travel continues)

Iraq is green. Picturesque waves of blooming mountains disintegrate our cliched sandy image of the country. Foamy creeks run through fresh meadows overlooked by imposing rocky peaks.

Welcome to Central Asia (Turkmenistan part I)

Flat, grey, arid waste lands greet the horizon in all directions.  Seemingly motionless, the sun hangs from the skyes, sternly monitoring the sandy soil, incinerating any brave and defiant growth of green.  Whatever… Continue reading


    Marta and Boris are industrious and tireless walkers and hitchhikers. They travel the roads of Asia (from Bulgaria to India) on a budget of 3 Euros per day. They collect crafts, photos and stories, and share them with you who like to travel too.

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    This is mainly about our Mission Asia - a travel from Bulgaria to the East with no deadline but the aim of reaching India overland, no matter the labyrinth of borders we need to draw. On the way we will be blogging thoughs, routes and encounters.

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