Just as all good snails do, Boris and Marta travel slow.

We walk and hitchhike. Walking because this is our way to dwell in each landscape. Hitchhiking, because it is the best way we know to swim into people’s lives; for five minues or ten hours, we share time and trust, with whoever wants us by their side seat. We travel light, with just enough stuff to avoid visiting cities for a few good days.  We sleep under the stars, or under the storms, hosted by kind homes at times and by abandoned roofs many others. We have learnt that an old cemetery is not as scary when one is cold, and that a stone shelter at the end of Europe can be just as handy as a 5* hotel or a cave by the beach, if rain is approaching.

We speak many languages, many of which we do not know. And the road has taught us that all beings can be good companions, that thieves no not always rob, that hunters may have a soft side, that any car may stop even on the remotest road. That the way is just full of surprises, but that we should not forget to enjoy it.

In October 2013 we left our home in Sofia for our longest travel together, aiming to reach India hitchhiking, and without a plane. We called this travel Mission Asia, and so far it has taken us all across the continent – from the Bulgarian border, through Turkey to the Caucasus, down to the Middle East, across the steppes and mountains of Central Asia and over the part of China closest to Tibet down to South East Asia – but the contours of the Subcontinent are still a dream in our horizon. Will we make it to India? Only the road knows!

Roving Snails in an abandoned ship (Aralsk , Kazakhstan)